Our Gems
Our 2.7 MM 13 faceted gems are made to exacting specifications in order to produce a glimmering interpretation of our amazing Dotologie designs.
Watch for our Feature Gems! Neon, Metallic, Glow in the Dark, Aurora Borealis and more! They will give your work of art a unique finishing touch.

Our Fabrics
Beautiful designs combine with our elegant Shimmer Soft fabric, created with a proprietary fiber blend for durability but also with the perfect surface to reflect the color and personality of each innovative creation.

Our Adhesives
Don’t try to copy this adhesive, it is all ours! Specifically engineered by our expert team to complement our Shimmer Soft fabric and keep your gems firmly in place!

Our Inks
No one likes VOCs. That is why our water-based inks are formulated to create vibrant colors without emitting VOCs.
We test our inks for 8 different types of substances including leads, heavy-metals and Phthalates. Only the best for our customers!